About SiNS

SiNS was formed from the ashes of the Scylla server in Star Wars Galaxies after the abomination known as the NGE. The guild officially formed in World of Warcraft on the Frostwolf server on November 15th, 2005. Currently, most of the core members of SiNS are playing on the Sargeras, mostly because it is an anagram for ass rager.

The forums for the WoW division of SiNS are located at http://sins-wow.com/forums/. You can try to join SiNS by contacting any of our members in game, or by leaving a post on our website. Honestly though, you probably can’t afford the unreal amount of hookers and blow necessary to bribe us. But cheer up, to lighten the sorrow of your rejection, we leave you with this friendly piece of advice:


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