This is a cool Wow pic

I am not sure why we have a picture of some ugly pig with serious dental issues up here, but hey, at least it looks pretty sweet. and it represents our complete badassary More »

A Wow pig with a pointed stick

Is he really upset, or is he dancing to impress the lady pigs? I could go either way with this one. Whatever, it is still a better love story than Twilight. More »

What the hell is going on here?

This reminds me of those stupid ink blots that never look like anything. The other day, my psychiatrist tried to get my sentence reduced by giving me a Rorschach test. He asked me what I saw, and I replied “Looks like two people having sex”. He showed me another one, and I said “that’s easy, a couple going at it doggy style”. Then he showed me the last ink blot and I told him “more sex - reverse cowgirl position”. Afterwards, he tried to claim I was obsessed with sex, but I shouted “Me?! You’re the one with all the dirty pictures!” More »

Wow Patch 5.4 - watch Blizzard change everything again

Why do they give patches stupid numbers? And what is with the decimal anyway? If I install patch 4.3 on top of patch 5.4, will I have Wow version 9.7 and warp my computer into the future? Why not give the patches cool code names, like patch fuckalottastuffup, or patch emonerdscrying? That would be a lot more interesting. More »

Orgrimmar - under siege!

Is it really under siege? It looks like it is deserted. Maybe the three little piggies decided to abandon the place before the big bad wolf showed up. Or maybe the bank foreclosed on Orgrimmar and they are renovating it prior to the short sale. More »


Welcome to SiNS!

Welcome to the SiNS website for WoW!

Really though, nobody cares. I mean, yeah, we’ll act like we care just to get your money, but it is all a lie. And don’t ask what SiNS stands for, unless you like having a brofist up your moneymaker. Honestly, it means “junk in your trunk” — but in like Spanish or some other language that exists only to annoy the crap out of people. At least it isn’t all wussy and frenchified, like those losers from that imaginary place up north called Canadia. Yeah, everybody knows that’s fake, who would live up in all that damn snow?