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Best Vibrator for Orgasm According to Sex Research | Shape

The good news: A study on a specific sex toy called the Womanizer found that 100 percent of perimenopausal, menopausal, and post-menopausal women with orgasmic disorder (aka not being able to orgasm, according to the National Institutes of Health) who tried the toy were able to experience an orgasm. Yep, 100 percent.

Low Sex Drive Antidepressant Vibrator | Women's Health

The Crescendo—which costs $179 and is cheaper than one of my therapy sessions—is often described as the world’s first body-adapting vibrator. It’s made with six motors and can bend into ...

Most Powerful Vibrators - Best Strong Vibrators

The classic Rabbit toy as seen on Sex and the City features an insertable end, “pearls” meant to stimulate the opening of your vagina, and of course, the signature rabbit ears that are meant ...

When an SSRI medication impacts your sex life - Harvard Health

But there are some side effects from antidepressants, including those that can affect your sex life. In addition to reducing interest in sex, SSRI medications can make it difficult to become aroused, sustain arousal, and reach orgasm. Some people taking SSRIs aren't able to have an orgasm at all. These symptoms tend to become more common with age.

The Best Sex Toys for Your Body, According to an Expert

Common Types of Sex Toys. There’s a sex toy for everyone, whether you’re a vulva owner or penis owner. Shopping for one feels like visiting a buffet at a Las Vegas casino. At first glance the options are overwhelming. Every toy promises all the orgasms you can achieve. Until the batteries run out, at least.

The Best Sex Toys for Your Body, According to an Expert

Thanks to Sex and the City, the most popular style of dual-stim toys is the rabbit vibe. The internal part may vibrate, twist, or thrust while the “arm” vibrates on the clitoris.