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We recommend indirect cooling using glycol. By utilizing a cylindrical, vertical-type, thermal stratification glycol buffer tank, load fluctuations in the fermentation and aging processes are absorbed. Additionally, the power consumption of the refrigeration system is reduced by shortening low-load operations and constantly operating in a highly efficient manner. As the tank is a vertical cylindrical, type, the power needed for the glycol pump is also reduced.,black women fucking massive dildos

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Breweries use a lot of steam during the brewing process. By recovering and reusing waste steam from the wort kettle, which consumes the most steam, 80% of the steam from the boiling process is reduced. The recovered steam is divided into hot water and waste steam by a dedicated scrubber, and then the steam is recompressed and reused, while the hot water is stored in a dedicated storage tank and then used for preheating the next brew.,big dildos and dick in ass